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Energy Efficient
Heat Pumps

Revolutionize Industrial Climate Control with Advanced Heat Pump Solutions

Welcome to a new era of industrial heating and cooling solutions brought to you by ACE. In the dynamic landscape of industrial operations, where efficiency is paramount, our cutting-edge heat pump systems redefine the standards of climate control.

Heat pump is a technologically advanced system adjusted to make use of renewable energy sources. Heat Pumps work on a Vapour Compression cycle like a typical refrigerator; absorb energy from the surrounding outdoor air and transfer into a refrigerant. The heat energy is upgraded using a refrigerant cycle and this renewable energy is used to heat water.

Applications: Heating & Cooling

  • Building Air-Conditioning

  • Commercial projects

  • Hospitals

  • Hospitality Industries

  • Marine

  • Process Industries

  • Plastic Industry

  • Regeneration projects

  • All segments where air is an important aspect of application engineering

Explore detailed information on our Heat Pump Solutions. Click here for our presentation and dive into the specifics.

For any questions regarding technology or services, our team is ready to assist you.

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